Last call for games? Maybe.

October 12, 2017 Leave a comment
Only two days to go until game day. Did you know that there are still spaces left in a number of great games?
Viking Raids on Englang
Spent Shells and Empty Chambers
Choose Your Own Adventure
Rock & Roll Dreams Come Through
Overwatch: Powder Keg
One Last Job: TMNT
The Ante Christ
Incident at Absalom Station
Some of these are in development right now. You could be part of making a new game and even meet the designers. Sign up today.
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Choose Your Own Adventure

October 6, 2017 Leave a comment
One game on offer at Go Play 2017 is CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE.
Players play a team of space explorers as they recover from an unexpected crash landing on an unknown planet. Are they alone? Can they settle the planet, or find a way off world? Will they discover why they crashed? It’s entirely up to you.
Choose your own adventure is an experimental narrative game where players vote on the variables of the story using cards. Each player only has so many yes votes, so make them count!
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October 6, 2017 Leave a comment

One game on offer at Go Play 2017 is VIKING RAIDS ON ENGLAND

Gather round and let the skald sing a tale of glory and danger. Of those who took to the seas in longboats, who sailed under the gaze of Odin’s single eye. Of the places they raided, of the treasure they brought home. And of those who died glorious deaths in a foreign land, and the many Englishmen they killed beforehand.

Gather round and hear the tale of the Vikings.

Register today!

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Spent Shells and Empty Chambers

October 6, 2017 Leave a comment

One game on offer Go Play 2017 is SPENT SHELLS AND EMPTY CHAMBERS (a Deadlands-inspired game).

A wild west game centred around a family in strife.

Register now to get a seat at the table.

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Half booked! Seats are running out.

October 5, 2017 Leave a comment
The day is now half booked. Half! If you haven’t registered for a game, better get in quick.
(I really wish I could draw seats running out of a games room…)
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Places are filling

October 4, 2017 Leave a comment
So the schedule has been up on Warhorn for less than two days and 40% of gaming seats are taken. Go check out the schedule and get a place at a table before they’re all gone.
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The schedule is open!

October 3, 2017 Leave a comment

The game schedule is open! Head over to Warhorn to choose your seat at the table.


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So many games in the queue

September 26, 2017 Leave a comment

Fifteen games submitted. I can’t wait til Monday when the schedule gets published.

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Submit your game idea

September 20, 2017 Leave a comment

Submit your game idea here! Do eeeet!

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How many players?

September 6, 2017 Leave a comment

Sometimes you want to run a game with ALL THE PLAYERS. But does that always work? Which games work better with fewer players?

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