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Call for games

Do you have an indie game that you want to run for a single session?  Then register it today.  Here are the requirements.

Must use a game that is self-published. Or you can hack the game so that it’s just the system but with another setting.  For example, you might want to run a game in the Star Wars Universe with the Dogs In the Vineyard rules.  That would be OK.

Sessions are three to four hours. Since this is a one-day event from 9am to 5pm, that’s about all we can squeeze in and still have a break for lunch.  If you’re keen to run an all-day session of a single game, cool.  Manage your own breaks, though.

You’re reliable. This means only that you come along and run the games you offered, knowing the rules well enough to run the game.

Playtests welcome. If you’re working on a game and want some convention-style playtesting, make it clear so that potential players know what they’re getting into.

Submit your game in the comments of this message.  Include all the necessary information, as seen in this example.

Title: Poison’d

GM Name: Andrew Smith

Setting: Poison’d

Players: 4 to 6

Overview: In this the Year of Our Lord 1701, did end the bloody career of the pirate Captain Jonathan Abraham Pallor, called Brimstone Jack. He did not die on the gallows, nor by the sword, nor shot in two by cannon. He died of poison, administered to him by his cook, an assassin under the King’s orders. This is what happened next.

Other info: Mature gamers only!  Very much so!
Put your game in the comments of this post.  After I’ve reviewed it, it’ll be added to the Games page of this site.
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  1. Peter Blake
    November 4, 2009 at 10:06 am

    Title: The Gift
    GM Name: Peter Blake
    Setting: Burning Wheel
    Players: 4 to 8
    Overview: The Elven Prince Finrir son of Fanrir and his delegation have travelled for a year and a day to the Dwarves of Ibuniz Hold, in order to congratulate the newly crowned prince Vost Ibuniz and to reopen long dormant relations. This is what happened when they arrived…

  2. Peter Blake
    November 4, 2009 at 10:19 am

    Title: Footage from Our Brisbane Office
    GM Name: Peter Blake
    Setting: Quincunx
    Players: 3 to 5
    Overview: Quincunx is an elite paramilitary security corporation contracted by the government to defend the world against paranormal criminals and supernatural menaces. These government contracts don’t provide enough money to do the job properly, so Quincunx has found sponsorship from numerous companies across the world and has gained notoriety through a reality series where its Operatives perform their duties on national TV.

  3. Shane
    November 16, 2009 at 10:58 am

    Title: Apocalypse Girl
    GM Name: Shane Duncan (although … it’s GMless)
    Setting: Apocalypse Girl
    Players: 3-5
    “…and then the professor goes, ‘but what if you knew the person
    would do something terrible if you didn’t stop them? What if you met
    Hitler as a kid?'” He snorted. “Little Hitler. In a college philosophy
    class. Please.”
    She didn’t answer, immediately, but stared for a while at the
    falling leaves. “It’s not an interesting question?” she asked at last.
    “You shoot the kid. Of course. It’s stupid.”
    “You’d just shoot him?”
    “You wouldn’t hesitate? You wouldn’t grieve?
    “Bang!” He grinned. She looked pained. He looked puzzled. “What’s
    wrong with you, lately?” he asked.
    “I’m never going to change you,” she said, smiling slightly.
    “I’m sorry.”
    “It’s not like it’s the end of the world,” he said, laughing.
    “No,” she said. “I won’t let it be.”
    Then she shot him. Five times: gut; chest; grazing wound to the
    shoulder as he went down, eyes enormous with surprise; face; face
    He stopped shaking long before she did.

    Other Notes:
    There will probably be some significant hacks to this, taking into account criticism given to the game on The Forge

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