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Previously… on Go Play Brisbane

The last time we held this gathering, people brought along a great stack of games to share. Just to whet your appetite, this is a small taste.

Dash-in Dungeons
Designed by Brisbane local, Mark McPherson, Dash-in Dungeons is a card-based RPG that can be played in an hour. Mark brought the deluxe set with him, more than enough for three hours of solid dungeoneering. You can find out more about Dash-in Dungeons here.

“Escape from Brisbane” – Anarcho Australis
Found somewhere in the dark corners of the web, this is an old gem of a game that was brought to the table by Brisbane’s RPG librarian, Peter Blake. He tweaked it just nicely to run an adventure set here in Brisbane, with all the flavour of Escape from New York.

Space Rat
Another Australian title, this time by Nathan Russell, was the comedy hit of my morning. Everyone played Femme Babes, eager to win the attention of Jack Cosmos through daring acts of bravery and adventure. I haven’t had this many laughs at a game table for a long while. Find out more here.

Were you at the last Go Play Brisbane? Did you play in one of these games? Drop a comment below and tell us about it.

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