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Why play Og at Go Play?

I’m deliriously excited to tell you that another game is on offer at Go Play. This time it’s the tremendous game of Og. Mark McPherson is the GM for it, and this is what he has to say about why you should play it.

Og is a game about being a caveman, and about how difficult that is, and about how hard it is to tell anyone about how difficult it is to be a caveman because, well, you’re a caveman, and you (literally) don’t have the words to articulate your thoughts and feelings to anyone else; let alone to tell them about the big dinosaur running up over the hill towards them, or the swamp that your fellow caveman is about to sink into, or the bear that’s about to carry away the food you spent all day tracking, killing (once it stood still long enough to kill that is) and dragging home to our cave so that the big cavewoman in the corner doesn’t decide to eat you tonight!

Og is about telling the story of a few cavemen by looking through their eyes at the big, scary world outside the cave.

Its about challenging your communication skills by having a limited vocabulary.

Its about coping with the challenges of a world where man is not at the top of the food chain.

Its about having a few laughs at the expense of some colourful cartoon-like characters in a fictional prehistoric world filled with hungry bears, scary dinosaurs and deadly volcanoes!

This is a consistent hit at conventions. Well worth your consideration.

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