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Looking for a Few Good GMs

Go Play needs you! We’re looking for friendly GMs to run sessions at Go Play on Saturday 29 September 2012. All systems are welcome.

Just send us an email to by 1 September and tell us:
– the system you’re prepared to run
– the title of your scenario
– the number of players catered for (the more flexible the better)
– a short blurb explaining why players should get excited about your game

We already have Dread, Dark Heresy and Matrix role playing with There Is No Spoon on offer. What can you add to the mix to make a fantastic day of gaming?

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Go Play – We’re back!

When: Saturday 29 Setember, 9am-5pm

Where: Ace Comics and Games Annerley
Shop 18, Annerley Arcade
478 Ipswich Road, Annerley, Q 4103

Cost: totally FREE!

What: Go Play is back to give you a fantastic day of Roleplaying while we wait for AusCon to return. Join us for a morning session and an afternoon session of all kinds of Roleplaying games.

To register, all you have to do is either:
RSVP on our Facebook page


Send an email to

Register today – we’d love to have you along!

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