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PLAY REPORT: There Is No Spoon

We had a fantastic session of There Is No Spoon, telling a story of a group of rebels fighting the Machines in the world of The Matrix.

Our story began with the crew of the Styx retrieving a package from a p

ost office box, addressed to their increasingly erratic Captain. The crew’s loyalty and morality were put to the test when they discovered that the package contained schematics for a nuclear bomb. And the fact that an Agent of the Matrix was determined to make a deal with the crew just confused matters further.

There were epic gun battles and katana duels. There were long philosophical discussions. Characters realised the true meaning of what the Oracle had foretold for them and stood up for what they believed in.

We nailed the vibe of The Matrix … it was a thing of beauty.

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PLAY REPORT: Dread – The Plague of Owls

This was far and away the strangest Dread setting I’ve ever seen a group brainstorm into existence. 

We took inspiration from the following TV shows:
– The X Files

– Adventuretime
– The Sopranos
– The Twilight Zone
– Space 1999

We created the setting of Freetown, last free city in a post-apocalyptic world where the moon vanished years ago, the seas had retreated and fierce land squids roamed the wilderness between towns. The individual sectors of Freetown had their own leaders (the Big Heavies), who answered to Mafia boss, Big Tony. There was Z Town – a zombie shanty town on the outskirts of Freetown, ruled by King Zombie. There were rumours of Princesses – young girls with strange powers. The town’s professor was suffering from blackouts, waking up in strange location, unsure of what he’d done. And Freetown was suffering from a plague of owls.

This was the state of Freetown on the day all the Big Heavies were murdered.

The player characters started investigating the murders which led them from Big Tony’s house to Z Town then to the sewers under Freetown. Their inquires culminated in them confronting a strange cult working to summon Prosiaton (an ancient Mesopotanian creature with the head of a dog, the body of a crocodile and the wings of an owl). 

There were heroic sacrifices, bravery in the face of occult terror and strange revelations made. It was a wild and strange ride that ended with some of the investigators dead, some coming together to form the Freetown Irregulars (dedicated to protecting the city from future threats) and the Professor came to understand his relationship with Prosiatron.

And the climax occurred in the Freetown water reservoir, within a storm of a thousand owls taking flight.

It was a unique, gripping tale.

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PLAY REPORT: D&D Next – The Caves of Chaos

The D&D Next play-test was kicking it old school with a slight re-envisioning of the classic module “Caves of Chaos”. The group was a disparate group of mercenaries in true D&D fashion who worked together remarkably well.

The party was hired to find the true evil behind a collection of caves inhabited by a wide selection of evil humanoids (from goblins 

to gnolls) in true old school D&D style MOST problems were solved with poison and and FIRE. 

The players brought some delightful role-playing and humor to the scenario and came up with some truly ingenious solutions to problems (the poor owl-bears never saw it coming). 

The party was wildly successful in their endeavor with the evil cult silenced and the beer retrieved.

Thank you to each and every one of my players who made it a most enjoyable old school romp. 

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