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New Morvenann

One of the games on offer this time is a playtest of New Morvenann.
New Morvennan is a sci-fi/fantasy roleplaying game set on an alien planet, where players take on the roles of Nobles – leaders of Noble Houses gifted superpowers by nanotech that still runs in your veins, and tasked with settling a new continent for Queen and Country. 
Over 1000 years ago, millions of spacefaring humans crash-landed on this world, and have since rebuilt to a pre-Renaissance technology level. The ruins of previous alien civilisations, human settlement and the starships that crashed litter the forests, oceans and mountains, ripe for adventure and plunder. 
You’ll settle new colonies, do battle with huge monsters and make contact with native tribes, defend your people and hunt for ancient tech relics to increase your power and status! Death is an ever present threat, but your House and Heirs will endure even if you meet your end in these deadly lands. 
Every day is a fight for survival in this strange alien environment, but it is here that you and your people must carve out a home. 
Choose your banner. State your profession. Explore and conquer. 

New Morvennan awaits.
A game for up to 8 players of all ages.

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