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Orcs Hijinks YES!

One of the games on offer this time is ORKS HIJINKS YES!

“You may well mock talk of a New Orc Nation, sir, but times have changed. The orcs we fight today are not the barbaric savages of the plains that our fathers forced into the mountains of the north; these are a different breed altogether. Stronger. Smarter. Better-organised and equipped.

They’re making allegiances as we speak, sir, with the other monstrous races, and forming squads of specialist troops to infiltrate our cities. “The Havoc Brigades,” the guardsmen call them.

Next time you’re staring down a mob of frenzied orcs that have put this city to the torch, find me and tell me the New Orc Nation isn’t a threat, sir. I for one will endeavour to be as far away as possible.”

– Johannes Von Trier, ex-military advisor to Prince Holstein of Freiberg, currently imprisoned in Greywater Rock for spreading malicious rumours concerning the enemy.

HAVOC BRIGADE is a madcap one-shot roleplaying game for 3 to 6 players and a GM. You’re elite orcish operatives who’ve been tasked with a dangerous mission behind enemy lines, and you’re determined to have a good time doing it.

A Havoc Brigade game for up to 6 players of all ages. Your GM is Sam Piaggio.
Register today!

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