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The Kowloon Convergence

One of the games on offer this time is The Kowloon Convergence.
Hong Kong. July, 2061. A vast inexplicable presence seethes in cyberspace at the edge of the South China Sea. The reignited Umbrella Movement clashes with security patrols as the mainland tightens its grip on the former colony. Vindictive corporations jostle for ground with vicious Triads. Amidst the throng, Aunty Jun feeds you a lucrative contract: a by-the-book extraction of a rogue accountant at Vatic Systems. Sounds basic enough. What’s the catch, Aunty? Oh, no catch. No catch at all.
A mission for four disposa.. uhh.. valued assets in the powered-by-the-Apocalypse cyberpunk milieu of The Sprawl
A Sprawl game for up to 4 players ages 15+. Your GM is Dan Cameron.
Register here!
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