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The Final Girl

One of the games on offer this time is The Final Girl …the Cheat-sheetening!
“I keep telling those young kids….” Don’t go into the deserted milk silo, no one ever comes back. And yet they do. The only one who came back…alive…was me. ..and I’m here to warn you, being young, goodhearted, and attractive doesn’t help.”. .. “What? My name?…groundskeeper Willy..surviviour of MILK SILO 7!!!”.
Who will be the lone survivor? Jimmy the rockabilly? Sarah, the snide,slutty, but smart teacher? Snuffles the angry Yorkshire terrier? Vlad, the wannabe vampire? Play final girl, and try and make Your favourite trope survive!!!
A Final Girl game for up to 6 players ages 18+. Your GM is a Goat.
Register here!
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