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April 1, 2010 2 comments

It’s been a week and a half since the convention and my head is spinning. I wanted to post a brief retrospective on it for you.

Attendance was about the same as the last time, perhaps a little less. We had enough for two full game tables both morning and afternoon. Special thanks to Peter who managed to run an enormous game of Quincunx in the afternoon. Unfortunately, my playtest of Siege could only seat three people. I was especially pleased to see unfamiliar faces come along, and I hope to see them again at future events.

Planning and advertising is still an area I need to work on. The requirements to organise the day are minimal, there’s no doubt there. On the other hand, getting the word out takes more work than I expect, despite my previous knowledge of the event.

The games themselves were good quality. I was glad to see the more famous indie games of Burning Wheel and Poison’d get a good run. This was the best game of Poison’d I’ve run so far, and I’ll write something on my personal blog about it soon. Best yet was the afternoon session’s games – they were both Australian games in development. Michael Wenman’s Quincunx and my own Siege were taken through the ringer. Again, I’ll write more about my own game on my own blog, but it makes me happy that not only are there Australian games in development, but that they generated enough interest for people to run them and play them.

The last thing I’ll say here is that I continue to achieve my goals with this convention.

  1. People had fun.
  2. Indie gamers met other indie gamers.
  3. Indie designers got to play their games.

Win, win and win.

So how about you? What were your thoughts about the day?


Why play Burning Wheel at Go Play?

March 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Peter Blake has two games on offer. As well as running Michael Wenman’s Quincunx, he’s also going to run the granddaddy of indie games – Burning Wheel. Here’s what he has to say about it.

It’s the fantasy game where every character has beliefs that challenge the status quo. Continually pushing the envelope is the only way to grow, but doing so pushes you into conflict with other movers and shakers – and some of them are bound to push back.
In this game, you’ll:
• Be an elf, or beat an elf – it’s your choice.
• Determine the fate of nations.
• Quite possibly see someone go mad from Greed or Grief.

I’ve played this scenario with Peter and had a great time with it. You will too.

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