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Play Report: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying – Breakout

Ran an exceptionally fun game of the new “Marvel heroic Roleplaying” game. The cast was;

Captain America
Ms Marvel

These daring champions of justice responded to the call to action when The Raft (maximum security super villan prison in New York) was breached.
After tangling with some powerful (and ridiculous) supervillan inmates, and stopping most from escaping, the group hit the streets to find out who organized the breakout. They discovered that Spiderman villain Electro was paid a lot of money to breach The Raft and rescue Karl Lykos, otherwise known as Sauron. The group was given status as a new group working for S.H.I.E.L.D and they were tasked with tracking down Sauron in his lair at the center of The Savage Land. The mutated jungle paradise in the center of Antarctica.
Their foray through the dangerous jungle was impeded by dinosaurs and Saurons minions, but the new Avengers prevailed and even kept their S.H.I.E.L.D pilot/red Shirt alive.

fantastic, over-the-top role-playing from all the heroes made the session.


Dardevil arguing with legal jargon to convince Tombestone to return to his cell.

Captain America gaining tear soaked praise from fan-Boi S.H.I.E.L.D agents during the docks fight scene, despite Ms marvel doing most of the heavy lifting….Literally.

Daredevil pretending to argue with himself on the phone as his secret identity.

Ms marvel knocking out a T-Rex with a tree.

Ms marvel interrupting a villain monologue with a flying dive-bomb.

Captain America choosing the perfect dramatic moment for the obligatory “AVENGERS ASSEMBLE”!!!!”